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Andy Palley
Contributions by Shep's Fans

These photos are from Andy Palley's collection. Described in his own words.
All Press Club Photos by Al Parker
used with permission
Overseas Press Club conference - March 2, 1970
"When he died there was a sadness which we all felt. His passing also brought back memories of the Overseas Press Club conference in the spring of 1970"

"The paper I edited and published was the 'underground' paper at Hicksville High School, and as such was not eligible to attend Shep's conference--only "legit" papers need apply. My cohorts and I mentioned our disgust to the superintendent of English for the Hicksville district--we may have been underground, but we wrote well--and, lo and behold, she turns out to be a friend of Shep's! Never found out how, or how well she knew him, but we were sent six tickets. Nobody else there had more than three. I was able to bring four reporters and a photographer, Al Parker."
The photo on the right is a publicity photo taken in the late 70's. Note the Howard Johnson in the background.

Great American Fourth of July
These Wilbur Duckworth photos were taken by Andy's friend Kenn Rabin. He worked for WNET from 1978 until about 1983 when he moved to Boston to work for WGBH.
(used with permission)