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Brian Pearson
Contributions by Shep's Fans

Brian lives in Indiana not far from Shep's boyhood home on Cleveland Street. He also has a home in Florida about 3 miles from Shep's Sanibel home.

10/29/1999 - The Sanibel Captiva Islander - Obituary

Flicks Tap
Cleveland Street

Cleveland Street light, turn right at this light and you will be about 7 house from the Shepherd home, follow this street down the block and you will dead end into the Warren G. Harding School.

Harding Elementary School

Far right side main entance

Front of the school

Far left side
Shep's Sanibel Florida Home

Front left side, above this garage is
where I spotted the computer, I believe this was Leigh's
office as Shep's was in the back.

Right side of house

Back right corner of the house, screened lanai

Shep's ham radio antenna
Downtown Hammond - Hohman Avenue
Downtown Hammond, Hohman Avenue, picture taken from where Goldblatts once stood. As you can see not much here anymore. This was once a thriving business area that had hometown charm. If you look closely in the third picture you can see the LaSalle Hotel. This is one of the last remaining business' that still stands from the 40's downtown Hammond
Hohman Avenue Street Sign. Hohman as we all know was the so-called fictional town where his stories originated from.
Hammond High School

HHS "Wildcat" logo

HHS football field: Where Shep marched during band practice, wailing away on his sousaphone or was it really a kazoo?
Front of HHS, if you look close you can spot the Calumet Ave street sign. Shep spoke frequently of Calumet Ave.
Introduction to Radio
The 1st radio station Shep ever worked at...our local NW Indiana institution, 1230AM WJOB, and a picture of the transmitter which sits in the back.
2907 Cleveland Street
The Shepherd house on Cleveland St. 3 shots in all the 1st shot was taken from a circular portion of Cleveland St. No doubt a few feet from where I took this shot, Lud Kissel ignited his dago bomb.
(Note "Emde's Folly" to the left behind the stop sign.)

Cleveland St sign... I wonder what it would take to get one of these signs?
(A screwdriver would be useful!)

Shep's home in color and maybe as we should see B&W. I have heard that the owner of the home has lived here for some 23 years and knew Randy Shepherd very well.
The Bluebird

The Hessville VFW on Kennedy Avenue...why these 2 shots? Well this building was once known as "The Bluebird!"
Another Kid On The Block
3 doors down and across the street from Shep's house is the home my Father and his 3 brothers grew up in. The house has a ton of family history behind it. My Grandmother raised all 4 boys by herself here for many years. My oldest 2 uncles were 9 & 7 when Shep was still here and attending Hammond High. Shep left Hammond in the early 40's but his kid brother Randy along with Shep's Mom lived there for quite sometime. My Mom & Dad married in 64 and actually moved back into this house! My Grandmother rented out the apartment (upstairs) to them and I recently found out I was conceived there! So as my Father can tell me he grew up on Cleveland St and attended Warren G. Harding I can at least tell my 1st born..."I was this kid you see...conceived on Cleveland St!"