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Eugene B. Bergmann
Jean Shepherd Historian

These photos are from Gene's collection
He is the source of some of the earliest Jean Shepherd tapes found to date.

Gene's License Plate
Gene's Book

 You Fathead

The Art and Enigma of Jean Shepherd"
by Eugene B. Bergmann

Brass Figlagee with Bronze Oakleaf Palm
Shep awarded them frequently, every Shep fan has heard of it, but no one knows what it looks like. Gene Bergmann offers his interpretation of the famous "Brass Figlagee"
Prexy's Placemat
This Prexi drawing is one Shep told listeners on a broadcast that they would find if they turned the paper placemat / menus over - and there it was when I followed orders.  The original is ten by fourteen inches.

Prexy's Placemat
"Special Shep Edition"

Back of "Special Shep Edition"
I, Libertine Book Signing
My original photo of Shep signing my copy of "I, Libertine." On the back of the photo I wrote at the time, "The Marlboro Episode  April 8 1957."  I remember it was one of his gatherings (At the Marlboro bookstore - I believe it was the one on 42 street.  For some reason we were asked after some time to leave,  (overcrowded the store?) and we re-congregated on the balcony of the nearby Horn and Hardart Automat, where he signed my book (I still have). 


Remember the scalloped edge photos? Note the "Apr 57" date on the border.

Gene's notes on the back of the photo.

Review from NY Times

courtesy: Gene Bergmann

In God We Trust: All Others Pay Cash

Newspaper ad from October 23, 1966
Village Voice Book Review - December 29, 1966



"When you were a tadpole and I was a fish in the Paleozoic Age..."
Poem often read by Shep


Parody of Longfellow's Excelsior by Edward Lear