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January 1972

Interview with Doug Stephan on WBZ Boston

"A Closer look"

Station: WBZ

Doug and Shep discuss radio and related topics in this short interview which lasts about 18 minutes. (It may have been a 30 minute interview, but the first few minutes are missing) Some of the topics they discuss: Telephone Talk Radio Shep talks about the downside of "Talk Radio" where listeners phone in. "It puts the microphone in the hands of rank amateurs." "After 20 minutes your head is asleep." John Gambling "John is almost a quintessence of the successful New York or urban commuter." He talks about things in his life - the traffic, his kid's braces... He brought in over $9 million dollars of billing last year. Johnny Carson Never talks about his private life - being a lieutenant in the Navy, or working a gas station, or being a disk jockey. Uninteresting people Shep never met a person he found to be uninteresting. "Talking to me" Radio is a personal medium. People think that he's the only person listening. When he does a live show people are surprised to see other people there. The bad luck owl Shep wears an owl which he claims "puts bad luck on the other guy" Trivia It's sad that people can remember old radio shows, but can't remember Pearl Harbor.