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Last Update: 09-13-2009

June 4, 1982

Post Princeton University Show Interview


After the Princeton show Shep appeared on the university radio station answering callers questions about the show and Shep in general. Why Shep doesn't do radio any more The TV show 'Great American 4th of July' How Shep feels about his writing style Wash rag chain letter from the 'Great American 4th of July' Excelsior explained What it feels like to be up on stage Shep admits that some of his jokes crack him up Funniest thing about New Jersey, funniest thing is Route 22 A pilot he made for ABC Differences between the east coast and the mid west Comments on the Beatles interview Shep did for Playboy Shep describes the Clinton Show The Rutgers Show In Buffalo he did a show sponsored by the SDS A college show in NJ the night of Kent State Political establishment always rejected Indiana, nostalgia is a belief that things used to be better The Bob's, a first time piece Baseball and how the White Sox are no longer the White Sox How Shep got into radio and how he comes up with the names he uses What's next for Jean Shepard Radio antenna's What changes have you seen Shep and classical music Art and trends in society Good TV shows
Additional Comments:
Going to Aspen Colorado to do an appearance at a Grant Tinker TV Conference Working on a book about life in the Army Working tilte for Star-Crossed Romance - "Invasion of the Bumpus Houns and the $20 turkey" 'This is 4th or 5th year of Clinton shows.' (First documented show was 1977)

June 04,1982
Ticket Stub

Courtesy: Gary "Gonzo" K3GZ

June 04,1982
Ticket Stub

Courtesy: Howard Brewer

June 04,1982
Ticket Stub

Courtesy: John O