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April 15, 1970

WRUC FM - Ursinus College Radio


After doing the live show for Ursinus College, Shep announces at the end that he will be on the college radio station. Among the topics discussed: 1) He doesn't have any scheduled time he goes on ham radio. 2) Next book coming out late in the fall, around November. It is not "T.S. Mac". It has been retitled. Many of the stories have appeared in Playboy. 3) Talks about the short story in Playboy - "all hail the sovereign duchy of nieuw amsterdanme" 4) Answers caller question about what he thinks of Ursinus. 5) Talks about his first radio job doing the Saturday high school sports show. 6) Mentions a piece coming out in the 'next issue' of National Lampoon. (Apr, May, June) There was a Nov 1970 story. 7) Discussion of live theatre and how it has declined recently. 8) Get one call from down the block - "way out on the end of the listening area - we keep fading" 9) Was he told what to say or not to say for the show - 'the answer is no.' 10) Playboy - does it degrade the American woman? No 11) What's your favorite place in Philadelphia? "The Covered Wagon" - 'I like the hairy places. I like Dairy Queen' 12) Why are you not at the Limelight? Enjoys the college shows better. 13) Hugh Hefner - A publishing genius - you can't argue with success. He's not at all like what the public thinks. 14) Name IS Jean Shepherd, named after father - shows pilot's license. 15) Writing is fun but in the long run it begins to hurt 16) Discusion about baseball and how the teams will do this year. Yankees could make playoffs (Finished 2nd 15 games behind Baltimore) Mets will start strong and run out of gas 2nd half (Finished 3rd 6 games out) Wahington - could be sneaky one (Finished last) Pittsburg could take pennant (Finished 1st in division - Cincinnati won NL title and Baltimore won WS Title) Boston could be surprise (Finished 3rd behind Yankees) World Series could be Boston vs Pittsburg (Cincinnati vs Baltimore)