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Mike Schultz
Contributions by Shep's Fans

These were taken at the New Hope PA antique auto show.
He was the emcee and announcer.
This was a 2 day event (Sat. and Sun), and he was there both days, as I recall.
This would have been August 6 and 7, 1966.
In July/August 1961, he appeared in a production of "Destry Rides Again" at
the Lambertville NJ Music Circus.

The Music Circus (now long since gone) was a theatre-in-the-round operation, with a rotating stage in the center, under a canvas tent roof.  Seating was several hundred, as I recall, so it was a rather intimate setting. I don't remember much about the show itself, but the guns they used were real (blanks, of course), a fact that Shep mentioned in his radio shows. I was 13 then, and Shep was a big part of my life.

Program from the Philadelphia Civic Grand Opera Company
January, 1953