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Radio Notes
Not all the shows were live and early syndication

For the most part, Shep's shows were all done live. In some cases, it became necessary to record a show or several shows in advance. This was usually when he was going to travel out of the country, or do a live college show during a week night. He also recorded shows ahead of time in 1962 while doing "New Faces" and recorded a series of at least 60 shows in an early syndication attempt in 1964 or 1965.

1962 - Shows pre-recorded during time he appeared in "New Faces of 62"

Shows Pre-recorded for Early Syndication
in 1964 or 1965

Marc Spector (Associate Producer for Shep at WOR from 1974 to 1974) writes:

Jean only came in a couple of times a week (maybe 3) even as early as 1974. I cannot remember ever seeing him 5 days a week. He was pretty active in those days with outside speaking gigs and would tape in advance or,on occasion, we would play a rerun which I would choose for broadcast. Leigh did keep copies of all the shows but I have no idea what she did with them as they were all recorded on 10 inch reels and were quite heavy and bulky. We went to the studio and the tape was on the machine ready to record. Also: in those days, most of the WOR lineup was live. Gambling, The McCanns, Arlene Francis, Barry Farber, etc. Most took phone calls.