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National Public Radio

Art Silverman at NPR was kind enough to provide this listing of Shep's Commentaries, interviews, and specials which were aired on NPR. I asked if there were any chance that we may hear these again, perhaps as a special, he said "Maybe ... we have the rights to them. But none of them was as good as his longer work. By 1984-85, when we did these, he didn't care much about radio." I hope that NPR will give us the chance to hear them and decide for ourselves.

A cassette called "The American Scene: Comments by Jean Shepherd" was offered at one time by NPR. Catalog # AT-830120.01/01C. This may have been part of a premium package.

On Dec 24th 1999 Harry Shearer at KCRW and Art Silverman at NPR co-produced "A Voice in the Night" as a tribute to Shep.

"A Voice In The Night" - Tribute to Jean Shepherd

Interview and specials on NPR
Regular Commentaries on ALL THINGS CONSIDERED