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Shep's History at Station

Last Update: 01-11-2023
KRAB - 107.7 FM

Seattle Washington

1964 - 1976

A deal was struck with KRAB in Seattle to have them rebroadcast some of the shows over a period from 1964 to 1976. Shep announces the first of these during his October 30, 1965 Live at the Limelight broadcasts. The earliest listing in the KRAB program guides is August 17, 1964. Guide #43. The KRAB website discusses the arrangements. They mention in their July 1976 guide:"KRAB's last Jean Shepherd. Apparently someone else has come up with the money to buy these programs. According top the website there was an interview of Shep by Lorenzo Milam, Greg Palmer, Helen Norton, and Lee Brown, that was aired March 7, 1979.
Fan Comments
[ Courtesy: KRAB Archives - 01-11-2023 ]
According to Charles Reinsch of the KRAB Archives: I recently added a 2 hour interview of Jean Shepherd done Oct 23, 1971 at KRAB to the KRAB archive. The interviewers are Greg Palmer, Lorenzo Milam and Helen Norton. Jean's wife Leigh Brown also participated in the interview. (See link below) In 1964 Jeremy Lansman, KRAB's chef engineer who had worked previously in New York and had contact with Jean wrote to him and asked that they send tapes to KRAB weekly. Jean agreed, and the tapes arrived regularly. There was no charge for the programs, until 1976, at which point we discontinued the program.
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