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Myths and the First Day at the Mill
Airdate: Thursday - February 15, 1962

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You know I'm constantly being torn between those terrible polls. . .
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Shep notes three different routes to existence: 1) Existing by the myth, a type of basic folk knowledge - "Evil will be uncovered eventually" "I am happy, but wealthy people aren't" 2 Living by the absurd by blocking the outside world - "In these days, who wants gloomy things?" (but these are the truthful things) 3) Logical path existence based on "I am here" Prevalent myths: "People love the sea" "Man does not love war" The truthful perceptions of a sea captain who retires after years at sea - "I hate it" "I'm afraid of the sea" "The more truthful you become, the better you can get by with it. Nobody believes it when they hear it. When they do hear it and believe it, they have to make it sound like he's just kidding, or he's a kook, or he's nuts..." JS A Poem "The human races all live where time and space is, Their nature uniformly base is . . ." "It's a matter of perception - wanting to perceive or not to" JS "A feeling of universal dread is probably the most common of all feelings" JS Everyone's little collection of 1st days - First day in high school, or 1st day that you knew more than you should! Story of Shep's first day at the steel mill at age 16 - a story of being overwhelmed by a stark, impersonal perception of adult ork. "Thousands of men walking with me - Life isn't exactly the way it seems to be - Men walking fast - They had a kind of dead look on their face"
Sometimes Shep is profound - this is one of those times. LT
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By: Lowell Thelin
Rating: 4
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