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Mankind And His Stuff And The Divinely Absurd
Airdate: Monday - February 19, 1962

WOR Show
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First Line After Theme Ends
Over the weekend I spent about 3 hours watching these canned television shows. . .
Show Description
Realistic television shows - Cops chasing the bad guys up and down the roofs. Could you imagine if that was for real? The auctioning an elephant foot umbrella stand. "I would love to see a pile of all the junk, just the junk of mankind!" Story about a man who breaks into the St Louis Zoo and smashes open 46 cages full of snakes, then leaves in a getaway car. "How can anyone try to pretend that there is some kind of absurd logic that man follows in his convolutions through time and space?" Shep reads from "The Anglo Saxon Attitudes" by Angus Wilson Getting rid of ants by talking to them. There is a logic to everything - Driving a bed in England requires a plate with the letter "L" for learner, a braking system and proper insurance. A lady in Cincinnati riding downhill on Vine Street, against the wind, in a washing machine. (A Maytag) Man's wanting to know everything and seeing what it will do. Why does man make up reasons for wanting to do something instead of telling the truth? For example, to send up a rocket with a man in it is really just man's itch to throw things up as high as he can to see what would happen. (See Note 1)
1) Shep is referring to the 1st US orbital space flight by John Glenn taking place the next day (2-20-62)
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Needs to be ID'd
Gesang used as a quick lead-in to jug music
Engineer and Staff in Booth Summary/Rating Credit Instruments Played
By: Lowell Thelin
Rating: Not Rated
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