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Martian Chronicles
Airdate: Wednesday - July 14, 1965

WOR Show
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First Line After Theme Ends
Cut it, cut it, that's it Tony. . .
Show Description
Apparently the springboard for this show is the Mariner 4 flyby of Mars that day and which sent back 21 photos of the planet. Shep knocks recording engineers. Shep fantasizes what if life is found on Mars, and the presidential announcement in his best imitation of an LBJ accent (which is none too good!). Shep relays a conversation between fellow hams, the other ham being a NY Times writer at 5 Am about life in the universe. Space being an early mankind pre-occupation that seems to be lacking in today's cities. New York is not "Big Sky Country". The northern lights with sound effects. Kite flying. The show changes midway to one about life in NY, spurred by the Orenstein ad, as Shep visits the client. Motorcycling in New York story How to connect with a New Yorker The oft-repeated theme of revisiting an old neighborhood that you used to live in and be intimate with, and how it seems new and strange after you've been away from it. The story of Hurley's Bar, that refused to sell out to Rockerfeller Center.
Great poetic description of the city as it awakes (starting at 13:40)
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By: Ken Applegate
Rating: Not Rated
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