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Moving Pianos
Airdate: Thursday - July 15, 1965

WOR Show
Original Airing

Last Update: 07-15-2008

First Line After Theme Ends
Ah, Matt, please stand up at attention. . .
Show Description
Hurling an invective. "Put your radio on the window." Fight over a softball game Unloading a freight car, the smell of old used magazines. Eating free in the Automat and Hector's. Getting a work permit and a job...moving pianos for 10 cents an hour when Coke was 5 cents. Heat, and the New York summer fist fight Sense memory and the smell of old used magazines
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Music (All times approximate)
Engineer and Staff in Booth Summary/Rating Credit Instruments Played
By: Ken Applegate
Date: 08-08-2008
Rating: Not Rated
Jews Harp
Related Plots and Story Lines Used
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