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Great Train of Memory - "Riding the Rods"
Airdate: Friday - November 12, 1965

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Reading Pennsylvania Reverend will give a message on the 23rd Psalm called "The Testimony of the Sheep" A Gospel ventriloquist will preside at the 2 services of a local church. In Torrington Connecticut, the world's largest Kazoo band, 5,000 strong, plays their rendition of "Let's Go To Church" Strippers - Randy tells him about strip club in Japan where they Ava Maria behind the stripper. Shep recalls a strip club where the stripper played the Queen of England. Playing the devil on stage, Any vague fugitive feeling you've ever had, you can count on it that someone has already carried it out. Shep talks about his desk which is covered with so many papers and his boss comes into Shep's office and claims to have seen cockroaches crawling out from the piles of papers. Fake blood - it's not ketchup. Once in a play where George Segal played a major league catcher and Shep was third baseman who slid home crashing into the plate, they used fake blood and Shep was amazed that after the performance a group of kids asked him "How do you remember all those lines?". No mention of all the fake blood he was wearing. Poetry - Shep is given a poem to learn by Friday by Miss Robinette in school. "I tear her tatered Ensign down, long may it wave on high" He procrastinated until Thursday night to learn it and then went into a panic. He couldn't remember the lines. His mother worked with him for four hours, pounding it into him. Then she woke him at 6am and made him say it again. Finally in class, after sweating it out, his turn comes and he gets up in front of the class and recites it - it's over! And he made it!
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