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King Levinski Meets Joe Lewis
Airdate: Thursday - April 21, 1966

WOR Show
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First Line After Theme Ends
Hello, testing, hello, can you hear me out there. . .
Show Description
Sunglasses in the metro theory Shep offers a Brass Figlagee with Bronze Oak Leaf Palm [with special aluminum cross] for someone to call and identify the sound he is making. He quickly receives a call from a listener who correctly identifies the sound as 14 ounce Championship Everlast Boxing Gloves. The caller was at Sheps live performance earlier this day at Union Junior Collage in celebration of "King Levinsky Day". King Levinsky vs Joe Lewis in Chicago Humorous headlines, from the NY Post - 'Charlie Brown & Son Indicted in Kosher Fraud' The Nutty Season & a Mother's Day advertisement in a 42nd street sex shop Patriotic Underwear Kid Letter with NY Times magazine section clipping from Sunday April 17, 1966 page 106, Shep offers another Brass Figlagee with Bronze Oak Leaf Palm award for anyone that can identify what is in that picture. Says the kid -"The sword is more of a bullwhip than a bullwhip, Dad." (We are not told what was in the picture - see notes) Things that are exciting just to look at, racing cars, airplanes, and Sheps interest in Aviation Flying lessons - flying over the Howard Johnsons on US 1 A small plane lands outside Warren G Harding one day during 2nd grade, running out of gas. He gases up, the kids all push the plane over by the swings and he takes off. It was then that Shep decided he wanted to fly. He is currently taking flying lessons.
This is the third year at Union Junior Collage Tomorrow - 4-22-66 FDU Teaneck Campus - 8pm Per Pete Delaney - It was an ad for a bra company. There was a sexy model wearing a bra who was also wearing a high 19th century Russian Cossack hat, a stereotype Russian mustache and a pair of bushy eyebrows. She was also holding a huge sword. Shep's flying instructor was none other than Bob Hall who was part of the "Sons of the Whiskey Rebellion" whose music Shep often played. Shep played the jews harp at Bob's wedding.
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Airplane Engine
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By: Ken Applegate/Jim/Max
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King Levinsky

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