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Disorganized Baseball
Airdate: Wednesday - June 29, 1966

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First Line After Theme Ends
Holy Smokes, what an opening. . .
Show Description
A salute to 'factory made' stickball bats. Shep requests a bimbo to call in and receives a call from a woman who claims to be a "Bronx Tomato". Stickball is an Eastern game. It was not played in Indiana. They played baseball in Striker's empty lot only to be chased by Mrs. Striker. They played one inning at a time and often had to chase after Emde's dog 'Zero' who would run off with the ball. If you hit the ball into the stickers in right field you would be out. The baseballs lost their covers after a few days and they would wrap the ball in tape to keep it from unraveling. One day they built a ball field in a empty lot. They spent a week cleaning out the weeds and making an infield. When they were all done, bulldozers showed up to build houses. They just kept moving from lot to lot. "The moving portable ballgame." One day Mr. Gorden, the scoutmaster, of Troop 41 - "the Moose Patrol", gets all the kids together to form an American Legion Baseball team. They spent 3 days running around the field practicing, and then had squad eliminations. They had to sign for their uniforms. After having played with oversized taped balls, they couldn't field a real one!
During the spot for Chinzano Shep tells about the famous ashtray and how he arranged to give 200 of them away to listeners who wrote in.
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By: Jim Clavin
Rating: Not Rated
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