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Fantasy and Reality
Airdate: Thursday - August 25, 1966

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Alvin, would you please provide me with some suitable romantic music. . .
Show Description
Shep opens by reading an article about a 59 year old Salvation Army Colonel who was found guilty of heavy petting in the bushes. "She was a cuddly sort of girl". Shep says he'll get blamed for reporting the article. The reporter is always blamed for the event. This leads to a discussion of Fantasy vs. Reality. How drug addicts substitute drugs for life, animal lovers substitute the love of their animal for real love. He says this is a theme that runs through his work - the constant battle between reality and a dream. WWII was about a nation who believed they were the supreme creation of mankind. Anything you do, give it enough publicity and it will go. Real life is a fantasy to some people. The more you spend the better it is. Fantasy with people is if it is free, it's no good. A discussion about movies based on reality and those based on fantasy. Write a play and then reverse the male dialog with the female dialog and it'll become a hit. Confusion between civil rights & success and happiness.
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By: Jim Clavin
Rating: Not Rated
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