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Salute to Fun City Firemen
Airdate: Wednesday - October 19, 1966

WOR Show
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Show Description
H.G. Grubbage - salute to Charlie Newman who is a dedicated window smasher. Has been arrested 28 times. A news interview with a NY City policeman. "How can the call this the Fun City? It's getting worse every day. Shep talks about the police and firemen of the city and how they put their lives on the line everyday. He recounts a police shootout where one officer puts himself in the line of fire in order to direct the operation. He then talks about the big fire on 23rd street which had just claimed the lives of almost an entire company of firemen. He tells how while watching the fire he felt that the firefighters, by putting their lives on the line, had saved many others and possibly a much larger fire.
Speaking of the world of the British - this is WOR
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Miller Beer
Music (All times approximate)
Le Prophete: Coronation March
Thats My Weakness Now
Engineer and Staff in Booth
Bob Considine
Summary/Rating Credit
By: Jim Clavin
Rating: Not Rated
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