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Stuffed Cats and Radio Technology
Airdate: Friday - July 5, 1968

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First Line After Theme Ends
By God, its right on the tip of my tongue. . .
Show Description
Pistachio (Pinnocio) Have your cat stuffed as a door stop - complete with a built in purr. Peter Pain Parabolic antennas and all the high frequency garbage floating around us How radio works - Shep gives a quick description of how a radio works He tells about the time as a kid when he was working on his ham set. He built a 'dummy' load. As he was tuning it the current was being dissipated through his arm and all of a sudden he realizes he couldn't let go of the knob! Mom to the rescue.
Another show where he plays with the pronunciation of names
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By: Jim Clavin
Rating: Not Rated
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