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Show Summary

Salute to New Jersey
Airdate: Monday - September 8, 1969

WOR Show
Original Airing

Last Update: 09-08-2021

First Line After Theme Ends
Say, speaking of poison gas. . . .
Show Description
Deodorant commercial mistake on "live" network TV Announcer quiz - Shep gives voice imitations Hair and deodorants as concerns - "reaching for antiseptic beauty" Elegant luncheon ruined because somone had made the wrong step on the way over which confirmed New York's larger dog population than people population Inverse Theory of Progress - the more a city is applauded for progress, the less progress it is making Corporation Board Meeting with Mr. Bullard Erotica Picture Corporation of North America presents Lesbia O'Toole in Hearts Aflame filmed in wide screen Eroticolor A lady victim of Equal Rights wants to burn down statue of Susan B. Anthony Another shattered dream - man buys a tapered Edwardian suit and ends up looking like a "bowling pin with ruffles" Salute to Beloit, Wisconsin - 1st city to deodorize itself with giant city wide spray deodorant Salute to New Jersey as apology to listener for "always saying bad things about NJ" - includes Hoboken, South Orange, Plainfield, Rt. 22 (with Pat Boone's Hamburger Heaven, Leaning Tower of Pizza, Two Guys from Harrison), Clifton, Neptune, Metuchen, Long Branch, and others
"A very entertaining show" LT
New Jersey Beloit, Wisconsin
Commercials (All times approximate)
Sponsor Time Notes
No Commercials or Commercials Cut
Music (All times approximate)
Stars and Stripes Forever (11:13; 16:27; 22:37; 22:04; 31:48; 32:26; 38:27)
Engineer and Staff in Booth
Herb Squire
Summary/Rating Credit
By: Lowell Thelin
Date: -
Rating: 4
Instruments Played
Related Plots and Story Lines Used
Airdate History ' - Original' date is earliest known broadcast)
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