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Show Summary

Frozen in a Block of Ice
Rerun Date: Wednesday - December 9, 1970

WOR Show
WOR Rerun

First Line After Theme Ends
That old worm is beginning to turn. . .
Show Description
"Won't You Come Home Bill Bailey" with Jew's Harp and Kazoo In Milano, Italy parents storm a school to regain control after students take over. Letter from kid who purchased a 1936 Hudson - Shep relates "the facts of life" learned from his own Hudson Hornet ("an aggressive piece of junk") purchased from Friendly Fred Story of Old Man's Essex which couldn't get off the street car tracks due to bad kingpins as street car approaches Adaptability of cockroaches and man - both can be frozen in a block of ice and survive when thawed Story of radio station promotion at a circus in which Shep (age 17) is frozen in a block of ice while providing five minute remote broadcasts every three hours to describe the process - complete with a feeding tube, rubber suit, attached microphone, and refrigeration tank
This show was edited down from a 55 minute Saturday night show originally aired on March 15, 1969. Opening theme - The 12/9/70 show starts with a new theme. On the 3/15/69 show he talks over the theme and mentions it being Saturday. Towards the end of the theme the 3/15/69 show is cleverly edited in for the theme's finish just as Shep starts singing "La Cha...Cha Cha..." Both shows run parallel through the bit about the Milano Italy Schools and at the point right after Shep sings happy birthday, the 12/9/70 show skips ahead about 5 minutes to where Shep says "Oh hey, here's an ad..." On the the 3/15/69 show these 5 minutes are taken up by Shep playing the jews harp and talking about gorillas being fingerprinted. The two shows come together again and Shep reads an ad for professional landlords and talks about doing Uncle Tom's Cabin in school. Right after he says "Oh - high point in drama!" about 45 seconds is cut where he plays 'reality sounds' (a train) and mentions it being Saturday. They both pick up together where he starts to sing 'Bill Bailey' and continue in sync until he says "This is WOR" The 3/15/69 show has him continue to poke fun at WOR and then do a plug for the upcoming FDU show on 3/18/69. The 12/9/70 show has a commercial for Nat Sherman's. They pick up together again briefly when he says "Please Tony" and he plays Bill Baily for about 23 seconds. The next part of the 3/15/69 show is cut where Shep asks if anyone knows who Bill Bailey was and then plays more of the music. Again they both pick up together as he says "I have a listener here who asked me a question" The show continues uncut fro the remainder except for one other line. As he starts to tell the story of being frozen in ice, he asks Tony "Did I ever tell you that story Tony?" The next line - " I don't think I did." is cut out.
Commercials (All times approximate)
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Music (All times approximate)
Bill Baily
Engineer and Staff in Booth
Tony Galano
Summary/Rating Credit
By: Jim Clavin
Date: -
Rating: Not Rated
Instruments Played
Airdate History ' - Original' date is earliest known broadcast)
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