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Robert Service Poems
Airdate: Wednesday - January 3, 1973

WOR Show

Last Update: 10-03-2019

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Hello gang, I'm just delighted to report. . .
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Fan Description
[ Courtesy: Pete Delaney - 10-03-2019 ] Waiting For The Electrician (or someone like him) Great reaction to yesterday's "Jersey Appreciation Night" Shep wants a Twitty Burger Multi car and truck crash ends with canned pears Bitter cold leads to longevity (See note below) The Self Expression Rag (Coney Island Washboard by The Sons Of The Whisky Rebellion) with Shep on Kazoo "THE BALLAD OF DANGEROUS DAN McGREW" How Samuel Becket is similar to Robert Service How Service poems were presented as a theatrical show "THE BALLAD OF BLASPHEMOUS BILL McKIE" is read by Shep who explains what some of the more obscure lines and images mean '"Where the frost fiend stalks to kill" Great Service first lines "THE BALLAD OF PIOUS PETE" NOTES: At this point in the show Jean recalls a story told him by Albro Gregory (editor of THE NOME NUGGETT) about a 92 year old man who was arrested for attempted rape then actual rape. Since rape is nothing to joke about at anytime by anyone at any age. I think Jean should not have mentioned it.


The show ends 6 minutes of Lester Smith's 11PM news: Vietnam battles Congress debates Vietnam War funding Some Congressmen and Senators want Rep. Hale Boggs declared dead after a 2 month search of Alaskan wilds for the wreckage of the plane that crashed in the most remote part of Alaska Shep mentions this briefly in tonight's show Clip of a speech by Speaker of the House Carl Albert New York City cemetery workers threaten strike
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By: Pete Delaney
Date: 10-03-2019
Rating: 7
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