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Army Revenge
Airdate: Wednesday - July 18, 1973

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The quality of your garbage - service provides elegant empty containers each month for you to put in with your own garbage to 'raise' the elegance of your garbage. If truth became fashionable, the legal system would be out of business. The population explosion is a technological advance. Shep meets a guy on 57th street. They appear to know one another but can't remember each other's names. They exchange false names and continue the conversation. The guy could not even remember his own wife's name when he introduces her to Shep. Shep word play - Revelent vs Relevant A life lesson: Frogs and turtles - who runs from who The story of Thomas Watts - a figure of scorn Shep tells about a kid by the name of Thomas Watts who no one wantedto play with. He was constantly being ignored and chased, once by Shep for 30 blocks. They all grew up passing in the halls through high school. One day while in the Army Shep is transferred to a new unit. The next day there is an inspection by the commander who turns out to be none other than Watts - now a"full bird" colonel!
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By: Jim Clavin
Rating: Not Rated
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