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Hot Air Balloon Project
Rerun Date: Thursday - February 5, 1976

WOR Show

(Syndicated Release)
(Original WOR Airdate Unknown)

Show Description
The scrambled egg theory of the brain - up to 16 years old the brain is not solidified yet. Shep is in the Boy Scouts, the Moose Patrol, and the Jamboree is coming up. Shep was a junior patrol leader in Troop 41 Martin, Howard Emde, Shep, and Flick decide to build a Hot Air Balloon for their project. He describes how they made it from plans found in a magazine. Making Kerosene, Parafin, and Excelsior mix for fuel. Shep hesitates for a while about telling the rest of the story which he eventually does tell. It seems they underestimated the effects of the fuel. Martin lites it and there was a great cloud of smoke and the heat rose the balloon high up into the air in a ball of flame. It comes down and burns down 1/3 of Warren G Harding School.
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By: Jim Clavin
Date: 07-03-2005
Rating: Not Rated
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Airdate History - Original WOR Airdate Unknown
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