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Fixing the Old Man's Car
Airdate: Friday - September 18, 1970

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Show Description
The CooCoo birds are out. Shep is getting al kinds of strange letters. One comes from a woman who feels that he keeps flying his plane over her house and even goes so far as to hire someone to do it while he is away. Shep tells about the man crawling around on his hands and knees on the sidewalk. Shep stops and asks him what the problem was. He lost his keys. This reminds Shep of the time he had been working at a local garage, grinding valves, working on cars for $1.40 an hour. He tells about the time one Saturday when he had the itch to do something with his old man's car. He goes out and sits in it, then decides to turn it around. Finally he opens the hood and decides to clean the carburator. After struggling to get the 4 bolts loosened he removes it from the car, then he removes and cleans the gasket. After cleaning out the carburator, he puts in back on the car. Each bolt goes on tighly and after strugglingwith the 3rd one he reaches for the 4th and it's gone! He gets down on his hands and knees and searches everywhere. In a panic he closes the hood, puts the tools away, and heads off for the park to play baseball. When he gets back he finds the old man going crazy trying to start the car. Shep tells him there is gas under the car. They open the hood and the old man discovers not only the missing bolt, but the other 3 are stripped and the carburator is loose. Since Shep had just returned from playing baseball the old man assumed it was Randy and he got the blame. Shep mentions a job he had as valve grinder @ the local garage for $1.40/hr.
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Some of These Days (1) (07:09)
Engineer and Staff in Booth
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By: Jim Clavin
Rating: Not Rated
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