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Marching Band & Wilbur Duckworth, Parade and Floats
Airdate: October 1971

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This letter is to whom it may concern. . .
Show Description
Put the horses to the back of the parade! The crowds are betting on whether the trombone player is going to step square in it. Shep describes Wilbur Duckworth and rehearsing for a marching parade Thanksgiving Day parade - Shep talks about parades and the 'slob art' of floats. He describes the float of plumber's union 6SJ7. A white lilly covered toilet with black crepe paper lid that opens to the sounds of a toilet flushing. His H.S. band marched behind it. Another year they marched behind the sanitation workers. The float featured water sprinklers which would spray detergent into the air - and all over Wilbur Duckworth! He just kept marching, never missing a beat and occasionally his baton would be seen rising above the cloud of detergent. Shep claims to keep a photo of Duckworth in his center desk drawer for inspiration.
Shep keeps mixing up the names. He starts out calling the character Wilbur Duckworth but mixes it up with "Stinkey" Davis at times, calling him "Stinky" Wilbur Duckworth. He also slips one calling the character Davis and then correcting it. Announces Princeton show - Saturday November 6th at 8:30pm. All seats reserved - $3.00
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By: Jim Clavin
Rating: Not Rated
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