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One Man Radio Shows
Airdate: Wednesday - March 1, 1961

WOR Show
Original Airing

Show Description
The ability to strike a different type of note. Interesting observations and trivia. Working at a one man radio station for 12 hours a day, doing one man shows at WKLUCQ using names like H.G. Grubbage and Friendly Fred. Did the entire day's broadcast schedule using different names and voices. He goes on to tell interesting news notes as "H.G. Grubbage" The end of the world - in Philadelphia The auction of a 6 foot statue "Babe" Ruth. Bids start at $100, but the only bid was for 25 cents. A 650lb 6-1/2 foot long wooden pig went for $310.
Fan Description
[ Courtesy: David Goldin - ] The Jean Shepherd Show. March 01, 1961. WOR, New York City. Participating sponsors. The truth from TV Guide. H.G. Grubbage and the news, a crack in suburban Philadelphia. "Ricky and Debby in Sardine Land." A nose flute solo, Babe Ruth and the wooden pig.


Shep tell everyone to go into the new Prexy's and whisper Excelsior. The man behind the counter will make you a Strawberry Shortcake with soft ice cream on top - for free.
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By: Jim Clavin
Rating: Not Rated
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