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Kid Myths, Fleer Gum and Talking Bird
Airdate: Friday - March 3, 1972

WOR Show
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First Line After Theme Ends
Oh, shucks, it's right on the tip of my tongue. . .
Show Description
Shep spends the show bouncing from subject to subject, all trivia, making references to saving Indian Head Pennies to buy a Ford, collecting gum wrappers, "dildocks", and more. Dildock - What to do with 87,000 Pepsi Cola caps? Scouts and Gum trivia. The right number is the winner & enough pennies will get you a Ford! Dildock - Salt Lake City police car chase with a youth that didn't want another ticket. Dildock - Credit at Indiana University in Comic Book appreciation. Dildock - Stereo albums of My Favorite strike bulletins of the 1960's! Dildock - Lake Charles Louisiana, an armed bandit holding up the credit company asked the lady clerk to take off her pantie hose to tie her up! Dildock - Chicago, the mystery of the horse in the swing pool. Dildock - Cleveland, Richard Burton got a bill from Hermes in Monti Carlo!?! Gluttony the only sin not popularised by Hollywood. A future jail able offense. Dildock - England, Neighbor shoots neighbor when he drops in for tea. Dildock - Union New Jersey, Do not refuse a beer!?! (a Miller, opportunity missed) Dildock - Boston, College students buying term papers. Dildock - NYU, intellectuals can not afford to fail, so they buy all their term papers. Dildock - Germany, Johnny Weistmuller was pissed on in living color by a chimp. Talking Mina Birds & Toilet paper with smiley faces.
Fan Description
[ Courtesy: Pete Delaney - ] The Truth The Mice Band No Mini-Bike for bottlecaps No pony for Gum Wrappers No Ford for a certain penny 17 year old explains why he was going through a school zone at 85mph Comic Books 101 at Indiana U. A Dilldock explains why he likes being a Dilldock Your favorite strike bulletins of the 1960's Mike Quill The bank robbery and the panty hose The wrong Richard Burton Horse in a swimming pool IT NEVER STOPS! - BAH- HUMBUG! The mice band again By the 1980s the only sin left will be gluttony Re-education centers Wealthy British neighbor fights back with a helicopter and a shotgun Don't refuse a beer in New Jersey It doesn't start in the east Term Papers Unlimited "There's no moral fiber at today's colleges'. That's why I buy my term papers." Porgy the monkey saturates Johnny Weissmuller What a mynah bird thinks of TV Toilet paper with smiley faces IN THE CONTROL ROOM: Don Criqui (SIC), Herb, Jerry PERSONAL RATING - 9


Engineer & other people in the control booth Herb who was not in the Cub Scouts. Leigh Brown his producer finds a gum wrapper in the control booth. Don Crikey who went to Notre Dame could go back to school for comic books.
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Needs to be ID'd
William Tell Overture on odd instruments (sounds like a Spike Jones rendition) with a nose flute accompaniment. Dum, Dee, Dum, Dum tag from the Dragnet television series. Used as a Dilldock salute opening and closing flourish. Shep sings Sweet Adeline
Engineer and Staff in Booth Summary/Rating Credit Instruments Played
By: Ken Applegate, Pete Delaney
Date: 04-20-2020
Rating: 9
Airdate History ' - Original' date is earliest known broadcast)
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