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Saved By A Clairvoyant
Airdate: Wednesday - September 27, 1972

WOR Show

First Line After Theme Ends
And like I said, by George - I am here. . .
Show Description
Governor West has dedicated a ceremonial bathroom in a drive to bring plumbing to South Carolina! "All right everybody, let's dance!" Unidentified man has been dumping shoes behind the house of Lella Begley of Milan, Michigan for about a year. She put a stop to visitors rummaging through the 30,000 shoes since they were "tramping through my strawberry patch!" Although she had originally granted permission so as to get some shoes for her kids for school, the onslaught has gotten out of hand, and the shoe pile (3 feet deep, 50 yards long, and 10 to 15 yards wide) continues to increase. Recently dumping has been undertaken at night! Shep proposes a TV show starting with the Begley kids eating Fruit Loops in the kitchen, followed by a camera dolly to the left with a view out the back door to the "sheer cliff, the tremendous glacier of shoes." Report on the "Pixie of the Week" - a male type, complete with a "knit hat with pink flowers on the side" Shep describes a TV show of the past in which a clairvoyant typically walked out into the audience to identify the unseen contents of a purse, etc. Shep had been working long hours in the "standby booth" (similar to an unventilated phone booth) where he would make hourly announcements such as "This is WLW, Cincinnati." One night the monotony and purposelessness of the job got to him. "I'm going out of my head. I'm going to go to the boss' office five minutes after I get my paycheck Friday afternoon. I'm going to kill myself right in front of him!" At this point the clairvoyant says "No No!" while giving love life advice to a lady in the third row! All Shep hears is the "No No!" and takes it as a sign! He stood up straight, blew his nose, and walked out tall. That clairvoyant is the "reason I survived to now bedevil you!" (The clairvoyant's name was Dunninger) Shep describes a place outside of Sarasota, Florida where all the great TV symbols (such as the Esso tiger and Mr. Clean) are retired!
Shep worked at WLW in 1953 (see "Radio"). Could he still have been taking some college courses in this year as well? Was Dunninger on TV in 1953?
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By: Lowell Thelin
Rating: 4
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