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Litigious Sports Fans, The Reverse Of Astrology
Airdate: Wednesday - November 1, 1972

WOR Show

Last Update: 10-19-2019

Show Description

So far there is no General Description of this show

Fan Description
[ Courtesy: Pete Delaney - 10-19-2019 ] Dick Cavett graffiti The Hair Clogged The Drain Disney comic book deals with Pollution Jean blows his own bazoo to Boodleam Shake Noisy burglars are heard stealing a WOR safe Luftansa Philadelphia Eagles fan declares indeoendence Palma de Meiorca soccer fans don't like to lose Philadelphia - booing sine 1776 Eagles fans sue the team for being inept Broadcast Corned Beef Hash commercial with Shep on Jews Harp Carapace All she wanted was a volunteer job House of Chan Wok Gramercy Park Clothes Waterproof Tarot cards Reverse Astrology - doing the opposite of what your hororscope says General Tire Movie - Escape To The Sun Shep's Commie Girlfriend Wollfs Kasha New York Magazine Martin S. Shepard for Congress No known relatives A full moon brings out the looneys Victorious Praying Gods to avoid There goes the safe


Commercials (All times approximate)
Sponsor Time Notes
Broadcast Corned Beef Hash
General Tire
Gramercy Park Clothes
House of Chan
Lufthansa Airlines
Movie Promotion Escape to the Sun
New York Magazine
Political Ad Martin S. Shepard
Wolffs Kasha
Music (All times approximate)
Boodle Am Shake
Mozart Piano Conerto No. 21
Engineer and Staff in Booth
Summary/Rating Credit
By: Pete Delaney
Date: 10-19-2019
Rating: 8
Instruments Played


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