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Show Summary

Self Delusion and Dogma, Kate and George
Airdate: Thursday - February 22, 1962

WOR Show
Original Airing

Last Update: 04-21-2018

Show Description
Shep portrays himself as the guy in the bushes who is neither an Indian or a guy on the wagon train and who can understand both sides - whether by "fate, inclination, or inheritance" he is not involved in the day to day hoopla of most people doing what they have to do to "buy a new breezeway next year" - the role of the gadfly. (the guy who just fools around and hollers) WOR 40th birthday celebration - Shep notes an alienation from the WOR family along with Dorothy and Dick, and Long John. Junk Mail - Plant a Prayer system - turn on tape player under the pillow which propagandizes that "you are a conservative right-thinking American" "People on one side of the fence believe everything about that side and never question it." JS "Ever since the very first two or three guys sat on the banks of the antediluvian lake there has been some sort of strong dogma that has filtered through the mind of man, because if you can get dogma strong enough (of any kind), it removes all elements of self-doubt" JS Story of Og and Charles and the beginnings of dogma and elimination of doubt. Story of Kate and George who keep up the self-delusion that they are planning to marry, but everyone knows they really never will.
References are to "my father" rather than the "Old Man." Show has profound insights into human thought patterns clearly explained.
Speaking of setting the record straight (slaps desk) this is poor ol' 40 year old WOR AM and FM
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Music (All times approximate)
Gesang Der Junglinge / Song Of The Youths
unknown jazz 101
Engineer and Staff in Booth
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Summary/Rating Credit
By: Lowell Thelin
Rating: 4
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