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Piano Factory Job
Airdate: Monday - April 23, 1962

WOR Show
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Last Update: 04-26-2017

First Line After Theme Ends
It's Monday - and on Monday one has pepetuall and almost traditionally fingered the beads of despair . . .
Show Description
Shep opens talking about the new Diner's Club game and being brought up in the depression atmosphere. "I'm this kid..." It's June, living by the lakeside and starting to look at Ester Jane like he never had before. Shep, Paul, Flick, and Bollus get their work permits and land jobs at the Strabe Piano Company. The job pays $9.90 a week working from 8 to 4:30 weekdays and 8 to 12:30 on Saturdays. Paul was assigned to 'tops dept', Bollus to the 'action dept' and Shep to the "backs dept". He doesn't say what flick did. In the backs department Shep works for Mr. Zudock who teaches him to cut, sand, and drill the backs of pianos. Zudock tells him to drill straight and fast, showing him how to measure with a T square that had the numbers worn off of. Shep describes how the 'old timers' would come in early to set up and leave late, after cleaning up the shop. After a week of work, Friday comes, PAYDAY! He gets his first paycheck for $9.81, 9 cents taken out for taxes. After the second week he has $15.00. His mother made him pay $2.00 a week for board now that he had a job. Shep decides he wants to buy a bike and so the next Saturday, the family goes down to Sears and he buys an Elgin. Red and white with chrome fenders, and a battery and light. He pays $12.00 and it is delivered on Monday. He also invests in a Boy Scout uniform. The week goes on and on Thursday he is called to the office. He is being 'replaced' by someone else. Mr. Zudock feels that he is not working fast enough. Shep is in a panic. He owes for the bike and has no job. He gets home that day and tells his mother what happened and the next day his father goes down to Sears and pays for the bike. That was the beginning of an education. . .
This storyline was used for "Ollie Hopnoodle's Haven of Bliss"
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By: Jim Clavin; Ryan Priest
Rating: Not Rated
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