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Crime Night
Airdate: Tuesday - January 30, 1973

WOR Show
Original Airing

First Line After Theme Ends
Oh, yeah that's much more civilized. . . .
Show Description
"Crime" noted to be WOR station theme for past 24 hours Discussion of rising "pseudomorality" Effect of the recent Vietnam War peace agreement on the peace sign industry and peace groups Forces of "good and evil" in classical Westerns - replacement by pragmatic killing for fun Experiences with NYC apartment robberies, and reluctance to report crime for fear of increased insurance rates - effect on crime statistics Crime in past seen as "just the way life was" Three outside phone calls taken - crime discussions with working policemen "There is not one of us not capable of murder" JS
Shep rebukes engineers for inattentiveness to show. Also, Shep insists he is a "working monologist," and "not a phone type" in reference to phone broadcast hookup engineeers are working on.
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Engineer and Staff in Booth Summary/Rating Credit Instruments Played
By: Lowell Theilin
Rating: 3
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Airdate History ' - Original' date is earliest known broadcast)
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