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Lincoln's Birthday
Airdate: Monday - February 12, 1973

WOR Show
Original Airing

First Line After Theme Ends
Hey, excuse me Jerry, how old is Mr Lincoln today. . . .
Show Description
Shep starts the show singing "Happy Birthday Dear Abe" "Jokes are popular, humor is never popular because it looses you clients" (See notes) Salute to the New Mexico House of Representatives which has voted to repeal an old law which allows a husband to kill his wife if he finds her in bed with her lover. The vote was 61-6. Mr. Lincoln was one of the leading Jews Harp players in his day. Politics always provided some sort of entertainment following a speech. Lincoln would often provide his own, and come back out onto the stage to play his Jews Harp. While in the White House, late at night, he would play for his friends. While in High School, Shep played the B Flat Sousaphone in the High School Concert Band. During an assembly one year, celebrating Lincoln's birthday, not all goes as planned. Sitting in the band in the front of the auditorium, he can smell this familiar smell. The curtain goes up and there stands Abe Lincoln on the stage. He continues to smell that smell. Lincoln speaks: "Four score and seven years ago . . ." he stops, and then starts again. "Four score and seven years ago . . . " he stops again. What is that smell? He starts again, but he is swaying back and forth. Shep recognizes the smell - Uncle Carl. . . His drunken Uncle Carl! Abe Lincoln is bombed. The curtain quickly drops and Miss Fife takes over the assembly, telling about her recent vacation. Shep ends the show singing "Happy Birthday Dear Abe"
Was this meant as a jab at the sponsers that get irritated when Shep pokes fun at them? Shep is Freshman in high school Miss Fife is mentioned as a member of the English Dept.
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By: Jim Clavin
Rating: Not Rated
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