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Frankenstein Meets the Space Monster
Rerun Date: Friday - February 22, 1974

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Last Update: 10-29-2019

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Fan Description
[ Courtesy: Pete Delaney - 10-29-2019 ] Last 90 seconds of Lester Smith's news - Watergate tapes, NJ buys millions of gallons of gas.. Patty Hearst's Father agrees to SLA demands to give free food to the poor. stocks, weather Selling books on gas lines NY, NJ & CT Shiek of Araby with Kazoo South African movie that deals with real life Jean recalls the Movie FRANKENSTEIN MEETS THE SPACE MONSTER produced and directed by filmmaker Bob Gaffney (Summer Incident, The Light Fantastic) The original story for the film was conceived by a delirious from the heat Gaffney & Shepherd in the lower deck bunks of an aircraft carrier. They were in Lebanon in 1962 filming "Summer Incident" a US Navy film to be produced and directed by Gaffney and Narrated by Jean Shepherd


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Acme Supermarkets
New York Sports & Vacation Show
Music (All times approximate)
Shiek of Araby (3)
Engineer and Staff in Booth
Summary/Rating Credit
By: Pete Delaney
Date: 10-29-2019
Rating: Not Rated
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Courtesy: Pete Delaney

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