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4 Songs By Abe Burrows, Panhandlers, Manhattan On A Holiday
Airdate: Friday - July 5, 1974

WOR Show
Original Airing

Last Update: 10-20-2020

First Line After Theme Ends
with the wind blowing sand in your face. . .
Show Description

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Fan Description
[ Courtesy: Pete Delaney - 10-20-2020 ] It's the Smugness hour Shep loves New York City The sheep and the goats No lines The Garment District From Hippie to Bum Mismatched Uniform Patches The patch Patton wanted "BROOKLYN" a song written and performed Abe Burrows (Note 1) Commercial for GODSPELL at the PROMENADE THEATRE (Note 2) MILLER HIGH LIFE Beer "Terrible, The Angry Bronco" GENERAL TIRE MACY'S NEW YORK TIMES -Sunburn and Hollywood's Greatest Sex Symbol Since Marylin (Note 3) Bum needs batteries for his transistor radio Plenty of parking spaces 2 former Wall Street tycoons listen to the WINS financial report Worthless Stocks "MEMORIES" a song written and performed by Abe Burrows (Note 1) "LOPIN' ALONG" a song written and performed by Abe Burrows (Note 1) "THE GYPSY'S VIOLIN" a song written and performed by Abe Burrows(Note 1) The Sound of an Ocean Liner's horn Blasting through the empty streets Changing locks on WOR office doors Shep helps install the Bum's Batteries (NOTE 4)

NOTE 1 This is from the 1950 album ABE BURROWS SINGS? NOTE 2 The Promanade Theater is known as "The only off Broadway theater ON Broadwayadway" NOTE 3 The sex symbol was Robert Redford NOTE 4 The show was only 40 minutes long, SWISSAIR did a 5 minute infomercial from 9:55 to 10

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