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Doughnut Machine, Triangle Donuts
Airdate: Tuesday - March 4, 1975

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You wanna hear some more news here, I have a collection of news here. . .
Show Description
Ben and Berniece, friends of Shep's parents go into the Triangular Donut business when Ben get laid off from work. One day Berniece shows up with the donuts and feeling sorry for Ben being out of work, Shep's mother buys some donuts. They were absolutely terrible and no one liked them. But everyday she would bring more donuts to Shep's house and all around the neighborhood until the old man tells Shep's mother to stop buying them. Soon the rest of the neighbors stopped buying them and one day a few years later when Shep was down in the basement of Ben's house he saw the old donut machine covered in the corner.
This story was originally told at the Limelight in 1964 and ended up on the "Live at the Limelight" album.
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Engineer and Staff in Booth Summary/Rating Credit Instruments Played
By: Jim Clavin
Date: 07-15-2005
Rating: Not Rated
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• Live at the Limelight
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