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Unions, Brewery Benefits, Irish-Guinness, Pubs
Airdate: Wednesday - October 22, 1975

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Unions - keeps 7 or 8 unions very well suppied with dues for the convention in Burmuda. Ford Motors - duck have been in union contract since 1964. Ford must pay for the food for the ducks around the plant. Of course when the ducks retire to Florida, they still must receive food. Spent time is a brewery out in Milwaukee (filming episode of J.S. America) As part of the union contract the company had to send a case of beer to each employee's house every week. The longer you worked there the more cases you got. Visiting the Guinness brewery in Ireland. Shep talks about Guinness beer, how it is served and its taste. Was invited to lunch at the Guinness Brewery. Guinness started the Guinness Book of Records. Visiting the classic Irish pubs
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By: Jim Clavin
Date: 07-09-2005
Rating: Not Rated
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• Guinness Book of World Records
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