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Games (Non-sport)
Airdate: Tuesday - April 22, 1975

WOR Show
Original Airing

Last Update: 04-24-2024

First Line After Theme Ends
Hello, test, whats the matter, no gain, hello 1, 2. . .
Show Description
A new emerging artform - the non-sport sport show The Howard Cosell non-interview
Fan Description
[ Courtesy: Max Schmid - 04-24-2024 ] Friend still working on a ship model he got in 1966 Salute to a new emerging art form from ABC: non-Sport sport Kids sport: Long-distance spitting Ken Samples of Salem OR catches strawberries shot from slingshot in his mouth Cowflop throwing contest in OK It's spring - a time of unease, due to season change. Herd instinct Man's desire to monopolize - games are a natural offshoot Urge to compete Clean-up week at Morton School - every Spring Arbor Day (last Friday in April) Tennis - a Sport of affluence Money Button @ 26:26 American Kosher Franks with free Boloney! National Airlines - Fly Me! Golf - another moneyed game that requires space Games reflect the environment - Ice Skating in Canada Boomsticks - Stickball in NYC, Hitting bottlecaps in Sandy vacant lots in Indiana 34:58 The Commercial Game! Grand Union, Ringling Bros Circus at MSG, TSS Dept Store, Finn Air-PLH & MaryH, Buddy's Place Nightclub, NY Magazine, Time Mag. Golf - you only opponent is yourself. Tennis - you can belt the other guy! and no personal danger like in Baseball Kid game - Flipping broomsticks into holes


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