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Words to Marches
Airdate: Thursday - May 8, 1975

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Last Update: 05-10-2024

First Line After Theme Ends
It's funny, contrary to the notions type suspicions on the other way. . .
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Fan Description
[ Courtesy: Max Schmid - 05-10-2024 ] First line ..and to dispel.. (glitch in tape!) ..contrary to the notions type suspicions the other way, Daddy Warbucks is bald! Little Orphan Annie's Debauche -drink made with Ovaltine Sound Effect - QE II horn blast Press release new book-Double your child's grades in school music-(march-which one? El Capitan?) Shep knows obscene lyrics Stars & Stripes on kazoo - 12:20 Cmmls: Rogers & Hart, Grand Union coupons, ID 13:50 ..your friend of the airwaves NY Mag, PLH&MH Finn-Air - 16:15 Herb: Eng Russian news from spy: Siberian environment endangered - schools close at -45, but only up to 4th grade! Ice bubbles made from saliva. Should I tell Flick's Tongue? will save for Princeton June 06. Cmmls: Valenti at AF Hall, LI Newsday, Corn-O-Cyde foot bath, Dr Stillman 14-Day Shape-up 22:57 Will continue to do show - requests stories for Princeton (mentions New Faces) Speaking of stories... New word: Yuck! more Stars&Stripes LA Times sportswriter - pans George Forman event? 5 opponents?? Ali?? John Barleycorn, Village Voice, Machismo - Sand Kickers - Enigma, Chaos ends 45:00 Bob & Ray Friday close -47:05


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QE2 Horn "shaking the whole state of NJ"
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