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The Lister Bag Incident
Airdate: Tuesday - July 29, 1975

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First Line After Theme Ends
Yes, sir, you know, it's like being the cruise director on the Titanic. . .
Show Description
Roll call - Are there any paegans, barbarians, slobs, or avenging Huns out there? Going through his phsychic cycles. Elephants - looking one straight in the eye while in East Africa. How his Old Man's goal in life was to hunt down the elephant hunting grounds. Shep tests the crew on the meaning of various bugle calls as he begins to tell an Army story about lister bags. He was standing on the chow line one day when they were on bivouac. It just so happened that he was standing next to the lister bag when all of a sudden a corporal approaches from the back of the line, coming from what looked like a weapons carrier. He walks right up to the lister bag and drops a 20 lb cake of ice into the bag. Cold water!!! Shep explains that this was a very big event since he was stationed in Florida and you could make normally make tea without having to heat the water.
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