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Trip to Ireland
Airdate: Monday - September 29, 1975

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Shep just returned from a 10 day trip to Ireland. This is the second time he's gone there. The first time was one of the first European countires he visited. He describes a bus tour he took through Dublin and compares it to a bus tour through New York City. The tour guide narrates the tour by quoting famous scholars unlike the more descriptive ones in America. Shep recounts his comment from the previous trip about how in the early morning while lying in his room he could hear the footsteps of the people walking out on the street. He tells about driving through the Connemara countryside, coming across some ponies and a flock of sheep along the road. There are hundreds of small one lane roads criss crossing the countryside, populated with small houses without electricity, using only kerosene. At one point they pull over to check the map and suddenly a donkey pokes its head in through the car window. Soon they're surrounded by 25 more of the curious animals. As they slowly drive away, the donkeys begin to follow. They arrive in Clifden where the first two men to fly the Atlantic nonstop, on June 15, 1919, had 'landed' their plane. What had appeared to be a grassy field, turned out to be a bog. In Clifden Shep visits a samll shop where the old shopkeeper tells them of how he witnessed the landing and even shows them a piece of the wing from the plane, signed by the pilots.
Tape verbally dated Shep got back from Ireland about 25 hours earlier Was there with someone named George Alcock and Brown info:
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Aero Mexico
Ali vs Frazier
Bachman Pretzels
Di Gel
European Health Spa
General Tire
Long Island Press
Marathon Man
North Shore University Hospital
Roosevelt Savings Bank
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Engineer and Staff in Booth
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