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Driver's License
Airdate: Wednesday - December 3, 1975

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Show Description
Shep says he got his driver's license in the mail the other day and describes the various 'junk' mail he gets promising all sorts of wonderful things. Tells about a cab driver he met that had driver's licenses from all over the country. He tells about the time when he turned 16 and went for his driver's license. His friend Stanley Roper takes him down for the test in Stanleys Chevy. Shep passes the written exam and end up with officer Johnson, who was the toughest of the testers. First they get out to the parking lot and Stanley and the car are gone. Johnson tells Shep he'll have to come back another time. Just as Johnson is going back inside, Stanley shows up. A quick argument over Stanley wanting to ride with them during the test which he loses. Shep gets in the car and has to back out of the space. Thanks to a over-anxious clutch the car jerks. Several attempts later Shep is on his way home - having failed the test. He took the test 3 times before passing all because he kept getting Johnson.
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By: Jim Clavin
Date: 07-15-2005
Rating: Not Rated
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