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Movie Plots, Biting-Fighting, Ear Biter
Airdate: Wednesday - January 7, 1976

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Deep TV plots The meaning of man Pleasure centers of the brain, the whoopie hat Biting - man in Argentina during a cigarette shortage waits on line and when he finds out his brand is sold out, he leans over counter and bites ear off of the clerk. Shep spends 3 days in the Florida Everglades fishing with Bud. Bud has no left ear and when Shep inquires about what happened he is told that on the Everglades there are guys who fight by biting. Kaleb was the worst of them all. He took Kaleb on and lost. They don't call them canine teeth for nothing. Shep tells about the dog that chased him all the time on his paper route and how he developed 'the kick'. He also tells about the time he was biten while playing in a football game. He compares the strength of the human bite to other animals
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By: Jim Clavin
Date: 08-26-2005
Rating: Not Rated
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