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Electra, Radio Eng. Fired for getting TV License
Airdate: Tuesday - January 20, 1976

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Show Description
The story of Electra by Sophocles Shep tells about the radio engineer who went to a convention of radio engineers back in the days when TV was just beginning to start up. The FCC had set up a booth to promote TV and the engineer signed up to apply for a station license. A few weeks later the application was approved and the owner of the station was infuriated. He said they couldn't afford to run a TV station and there was no future in it, but they had no choice. He did not want to be embarrased in front of the FCC. The engineer was fired and the TV station is worth $22 million. (WLS)
Electra, obsessed by dreams of avenging her father's murder, impatiently awaits the return of her exiled brother Orestes. When he arrives, the play mounts toward its first climax, a tender recognition scene. From that moment on, Electra uses Orestes as her instrument of vengeance. They kill their mother's husband, then their mother herself--and only afterward see the evil inherent in these seemingly just acts.
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General Tire
John Barleycorn Pub
Manny Wolfes
National Airlines
Olin's Rent a Car
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Engineer and Staff in Booth
Jerry Lambert
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By: Jim Clavin
Date: 08-16-2005
Rating: Not Rated
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