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Tag Day For Band, Band Contests
Airdate: Tuesday - March 23, 1976

WOR Show

Last Update: 09-09-2010

Show Description
Shep relives Tag Day (the day, in the middle of March, when he had to solicit funds for his high school band. He discusses what happens in band contests, mentioning the three categories of completion (Selected Piece,' Required Thing', Sight Reading'). He describes in great detail the last category, Sight Reading, where all members of the orchestra open a sealed envelope, containing untitled sheet music (It could be Old black Joe', but nobody knows for sure). The musicians are given five minutes to read their sheet music, but can't discuss it between themselves. By a stoke of uncommon luck, the oboe player (Ruth) opens the piece by playing the first thirty measures. All other musicians Immediately recognize it as Sousa's El Capitan' (their Selected Piece'). Great Radio! Quote: I get itchy every time I think of wool
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By: Pete Cavallo
Date: 09-09-2010
Rating: Not Rated
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