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Summer Madness
Airdate: 1963 (Summer)

WOR Show
Original Airing

First Line After Theme Ends
Here's today's cultural note brought to you by WOR and channel 9. . .
Show Description
"Frankenstein 1970" on the Million Dollar Movie (WOR Channel 9) A salute to England and Englishmen as told by "H.G. Grubbage" TV Dxing - Sign off prayer - lost audio Growing a beard in Maine More H.G. Grubbage Buying his first car as a kid for $60. A black 1933 Ford V8 Roadster. Regrinding the valves - Mr. Bruner to the rescue, drunk as a skunk.
[Rich B] Shep mentions he learned to drive on a '37 Pontiac; 1st car a '33 black Roadster.
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