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Ladies Room, Stripper on the Bus
Rerun Date: Friday - April 23, 1976

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Show Description
Bad taste - The art of bubble gum snapping. There are different grades of gum which are best for snapping vs blowing bubbles. Wrigley's Spearment is the best. The flavor is important for quality. Student walks into the Girls Room by mistake. Shep tells about the time he left a meeting and stopped in the men's room. It wasn't until he was inside and heard the voices of women coming into the bathroom. He dodges into the stall, locks it and jumps up on the seat. The women are there for a while talking, trying to get into the stall. He's afraid they'll be looking under the door and see him. Shep is pouring sweat by now, but fortunately they leave. He waits a few seconds and then scurries out of the stall. As he gets out into the hallway, 5 women are walking towards him looking at him rather strangely. He also tells the story of the time at 2:30 in the morning Shep gets on a bus when a few minutes later a very amply endowed woman gets on. She greets everyone and commences to perform a strip tease right there on the bus walking up and down the isle. A reverend get on and she grabs him and begins dancing with his to his embarrassment.
The ladies room story was also told on the 11-25-69 show. The stripper story was told on 9-24-70
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By: Jim Clavin
Date: 07-31-2005
Rating: Not Rated
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