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Police Calls
Airdate: Friday - October 8, 1976

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Jim to Max (This show was dated 10/7/76 along with another) There are 2 shows dated 10-7-76. I suspect one is wrong - possibly the 8th. No way to tell unless there are hints in the show. Max to Jim It seems likely that the first show listed as 10/07 would be correct, the next show (Police Calls) would be somewhere between 10/08 and the next date, 10/12. Upon checking the reel, I find that the date stamps that had previously been recorded onto the tapes are no longer there, but preceding the first show on the reel (10/07) there is the end of a newscast followed by an announcement that Shep and Carlton Fredericks would NOT be on that night. Since the last show on the previous reel is 10/05, that would make the 10/07 date correct for the first show. If the next date is right, then the second 10/07 can only be 10/08 or 10/11 since the other dates would be the weekend - perhaps there's a mention of it being Friday?
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